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Your privacy is important to us.

The purpose of this page is to inform you of our policies for data collection and your rights to manage, accept, or deny related aspects that pertain to the use of www.bluetera.com (our website).  This website is owned and operated by Bluetera, LLC.

Each country has unique laws about data collection on websites.  This policy is to achieve compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (the “General Data Protection Regulation” or “GDPR”) and US regulations.


To improve your experience on our website and the overall performance of the website, we utilize technologies that collect certain information about our website users.  Some of those technologies are generated by third parties which have access to that user data.  The data collected is used to present ads that would be most relevant to you, social media features, preference tracking, to provide related services and content, and to analyze website traffic.  Bluetera will never share your personal information obtained on this website without your consent, except as specified in this policy.  If you have any questions about this policy or how we collect or share your information, feel free to contact us via the phone or email listed at the bottom of this policy.

What this Privacy Statement Covers

This policy covers only www.bluetera.com as owned by Bluetera, LLC.  It does not cover any third party companies that generate advertisements, analytics tracking, social media websites, externally linked websites, and website plugin developers.  Such third parties will have their own applicable independent privacy policies.

Please be mindful when posting in public forums that anyone in the world may see what you post.  Be sure that you understand what information will be private and what will be public before posting in a public forum or manner.

Collection of Information

Some information we collect may be manually submitted to us by you, or it may be automatically collected by our website.

What is Collected

Some data that may be collected is your email address, name, and other information you voluntarily provide.  Examples are newsletter subscriptions and website member registration and login.  You might also choose to share links to your profiles on other websites or information about your profession.  Other examples would be if you enter a contest/sweepstakes, submit articles, post comments, or interact with third party social media platforms on our website.

Bluetera does not store any credit card or banking information on www.bluetera.com.  All payment processing is provided by Intuit Quickbooks and Paypal.  Payment and related privacy policy is provided by them.

Information that may be collected automatically is how you access our website and use our content, as well as information provided to us by third party companies to which you already provided permission to do so.

You have the ability to accept or decline the collection of this information by choosing not to voluntarily submit information and/or by not using this website.  You also have the ability to decline the use of website cookies from your website browser.  In addition, you may be able to manage data collection from third parties, by adjusting your privacy settings with those third parties.

Website Cookies

Every web browser will store a small data file from most websites that you visit, unless you specify in your web browser program not to do so.  Website cookies store data such as ip addresses and/or user identification codes.  That data is then potentially linked to personally identifying (PII) and non-personally identifying (non-PII) information.  This data is necessary for linking you with website member accounts, analytics to improve your experience, tailored content and advertisements, social media features, website security, your user preferences, and market research.

There are three types of cookies.  Those that are necessary for the security and performance of the website.  Those that store your website usage preferences.  And those used to present advertisements that are best suited to you.

You may choose to opt out of cookies implemented by certain third party companies by visiting this LINK.

Web Beacons

Web beacons are invisible images used on our website to recognize users, analyze traffic, and present preferred content.  Web beacons are also used in our emails and newsletters to track progress of our email actions.

Log Files

Most website servers, including ours, automatically log information about their users such as ip addresses, browser type, and URL access history.  This information is stored privately and only used for internal analysis.

Third Parties

Third parties are used on our website to collect website payments/credit card processing, provide social media account connections and functions, social media content sharing, targeted advertising, and website code that enhances functionality (plugins and themes).

Currently, Google provides our advertisement platform.  If you would like to opt out of this personalized advertising, you may do so by visiting the following link.

Google Ads Settings

In the Event of a Sale of Bankruptcy

If there were a time that we sell help.bluetera.com or file bankruptcy, any data that had been collected by this website, our newsletters, or emails may be transferred to the new owner.

Required by Law

Bluetera will comply with all legal requirements to provide user data to government entities requesting such data.

User Content Management

You may send us written request to remove any content that was voluntarily and manually submitted by you.  We will remove said content within 30 days of receiving the written request.

California Residents:  You may also submit a written request, as applicable by California law, for details about third party advertising and marketing.  (type of content shared and contact information of third parties)

Data Security

www.bluetera.com website is hosted on servers that are located in the United States.  We utilize the latest industry standards for software, website coding, and server security to ensure the safety of your data.  We implement security monitoring and protective measures to help prevent security breaches on our website.

Privacy of Children

www.bluetera.com is not intended for children under the age of 16.  If you are less than 16 years old, please do not send us any personally identifying information about yourself or anyone else under the age of 16.  This website does not knowingly nor willingly collect any personally identifiable information about children under the age of 16.  If you would like to interact with our website or receive our services, please speak with your adult guardian and have them contact us on your behalf.

Cross-border Data Transfer

Please note that our website can be accessed from users anywhere in the world with Internet access.  This means that if you are outside of the US, your data will be stored and accessible in the US.

How to Contact Us

Please send written requests regarding privacy policy with the information below.

[email protected]

PO Box 541
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