Change Facebook Page Name

We save you from the frustration!


Let us do the hard work for you! Bluetera will perform the steps necessary to get your Facebook page name change request approved.

See below for more details about how the service works.

You do NOT need a PayPal account to order this service.  PayPal is just our payment processor. 

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  • Please note that the two phase name change process can take between one to three weeks, depending on how long Facebook takes to make their approvals.  This is the same no matter if you submit these requests or if we do.  We have no control over the time frame for approvals and there is no way to make it faster.

    There are two different ways to grant us access to make these requests. The first and fastest option is to provide login information for your Facebook account. The second option, slower but more secure for you, is to add us as a page admin. This option does not grant us any access to your personal account, it only grants us access to your page. The down side to the second option is that Facebook will not allow new page admins to request name changes for 7 days.  The second access option means that the process will take 3 weeks, instead of two weeks.

    We offer a full refund of your $35 if we are unable to change your page name.

    Upon placing your order, we will contact you within 24 hours to begin the process.

    Bluetera will never access your personal Facebook account data such as contacts, friends, messages, media, etc.  Bluetera will never save, share, or sell any information from your profile or page. Bluetera will only access your Facebook account and/or page for the sole purpose of performing this service listed on this web page. Bluetera respects your privacy.

    This service is provided by Bluetera, LLC of Winston-Salem, NC. Registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State.

    Phone: 336-500-7707
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    1. Wondering why you can’t change your Facebook page name? We can get your page name request approved!