Product listing not showing up when searching keyword/name in Amazon?

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Last updated on January 3rd, 2020

We can help improve traffic to your Amazon Product Pages

Why aren’t my products showing up in Amazon search?

If you have created Amazon products and cannot figure out why those products will no appear in Amazon product search, then we may have some solutions for you.

The Amazon Marketplace works a lot like most other websites, in the sense that they all need further marketing efforts to create and boost traffic.  Nearly all websites need additional Search Engine Optimization and marketing strategies to make them known to the world.  You could launch the most awesome website ever, but no one will ever know about it if you just let is sit there and do nothing more.  Amazon needs the same nurturing to grow traffic and brand awareness.

Market and advertise your Amazon product pages!

How do I increase my Amazon product sales?

First thing, you must make sure that you set up your Amazon brand page.  Fill as much information in as possible.  Go through all of the tools and features to make sure you are not overlooking anything.

Then, make sure that you have done the same thing with your Amazon product listings.  Make sure you have entered the appropriate related keywords, create your target audience and ensure you have not missed any options that could be useful.  Make sure your product is also listed as Active (on).

It is important to understand that Amazon chooses to display products at the top of searches that are the most popular, getting the most traffic, have a lot of activity such as purchase and reviews and also match keyword and category searches.

To make those things start happening for you, you need to market and advertise your Amazon brand page and your individual Amazon products.  Here are some ways to do that…

  • Promote your Amazon brand and product pages on social media. Facebook is an especially useful tool for this. Make frequent new posts on your related business or brand page that talk about the products, special offers and links to your Amazon products.
  • Promote your Amazon brand and product pages on your website and other websites. Use the traffic that a website already gets to direct traffic to your Amazon products. Make frequent new posts on your related business or brand page that talk about the products, special offers and links to your Amazon products.
  • Advertise on Facebook, Google Ads and other advertising platforms. Create relevant advertisements that encourage people to click the paid links and go straight to your products on the Amazon Marketplace.
  • Sign up for Amazon Sponsored Products. This is a paid service that Amazon offers to help boost your product pages to the top of searches and display advertisements for your products in various locations of the Amazon Marketplace website.
  • Create videos about your brand and products that show benefits and uses, then upload those videos to YouTube. Be sure to optimize your YouTube channel and video for similar keywords and include a well written title and description. Also include links back to your Amazon product pages. You can also have other people create video reviews about your products and upload them to YouTube.
  • Work on getting product reviews. This is very important. Most Amazon users will choose products with positive reviews over products with no reviews. This happens even if the product with reviews is more expensive. Customers need to feel confident that they are making a good purchase. Have people you know purchase your products and write reviews. Include a slip of paper in the shipment that tells the customer how valuable their opinions are and encourage them to write a review on Amazon.
  • You can look into becoming a Amazon “Prime” seller, if you have not already. Many people filter out sellers automatically that do not offer Prime shipping. Prime customers get better shipping rates and time frames, more reassuring purchase protection from Amazon, and easier to manage returns.
  • You may also want to emphasize what country your products are made in and shipped from. A lot of people do not want to buy something if it is coming from someplace that will take forever to ship and not provide easy returns.

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