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Here are some possible workaround to change your page name.

There is no option to change your Facebook page name?

So you want to change your Facebook page name, but there is no option to change it.  You have read all the instructions on how to change your Facebook page name, but when you go to the About section and click the link, you get this message…

Well what does that mean?  Why can’t I change my FB page name like everyone else?

Here are some things to look into that might turn on the ability to change your FB page name.

  • Make sure the personal profile that you are using to manage the page is a real profile that is actively used with pictures, posts and friends. Some people create “fake” Facebook pages or pages that are empty and unused just for the purpose of managing a Facebook page.  That is a BIG no-no. Facebook could limit your page and not allow you to do a lot of things.  If you have done this, you need to start working on making your personal profile a real and active profile.  Wait a while, then try again to change your page name.
  • If your page is somewhat new or you have not filled in any information or very little information about your page, that could also cause problems for you. Add as much content as possible so that the page looks legitimate and useful.
  • Keep in mind that the more page followers you have, the harder it becomes to change your page name. Facebook becomes more strict.
  • If you have recently been able to try to change the page name but it did not work, they may have temporarily blocked you from trying again. If that is the case, wait 1 day to 1 week and try again.  They normally allow people to try again right after a request is denied, but in some cases, they may temporarily block the option.
  • You can try adding a new page admin or asking an existing page admin to try to change the name. Sometimes they will let someone else do it.  That would be a good indication that something in your own personal profile is stopping you from doing it.  Your page admin should also have a very active personal profile and not have violated any Facebook policies in the past.  Try more than one admin too.  You could have two people that can’t do it and one that can.  It varies.
  • If that does not work, ask as many people as you can to click the “suggest edit” link on your page’s main tab.  Then have them suggest a name change and enter the new name.  At some point, you should receive a notification from Facebook that people are suggesting a name change.  You will want to accept that name change right away.  It has been said that some people have had success with this after 15 or so different people suggested the name change.  We have not confirmed this yet, but it is a possibility.
  • If you have changed your page name many times or had many denials, they may have blocked your ability to make more requests. They may unblock it at some point, but we have no timeline for that.
  • If your page has previously violated any Facebook rules/terms, they may have blocked you from things like changing your page name. Your page settings section will tell you if your page has violations or has been limited.
  • In your page manager, make sure Facebook is not asking you to do anything. Example: “Finish your About section” or “Add more information”.
  • There are two different places to try to change your page name.  One is the main page editor that most people know about.  The second is the Facebook Business Manager.  Some people have found that they can do things in the business manager that they can not in the regular page editor.  https://business.facebook.com
  • We have found that as a page admin (not the page owner), Facebook will sometimes block you from requesting name changes for multiple pages.  It seems to us that they either have a limit to how many page names an admin can make or they see being a page admin of many pages as high risk. We are still not sure and are trying to figure this out.  In this case, we have no solution except to use a different profile to make the changes.

This is as much as we know right now about why some people do not even have the option to change their Facebook page name and how to turn it back on.  If you find that any of these options work for you, please let us know in the comment section below or on our Facebook page.

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