Facebook page name change DENIED?

Want to know how to change your Facebook page name?

I am going to guess that since you are here on this page, you are either trying to change your Facebook page name or already did try to change your Facebook page name, but Facebook denied your request.

In either case, we likely have the solution for you in this article.

These solutions are the same no matter if you have a business Facebook page, personal Facebook page, cause Facebook page, event Facebook page, etc. To find the solution to your problem, simply choose where you want to start by clicking one of the buttons below.

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How to Change Facebook Page Name

Appeal Denial Instructions

Appeal Facebook Page Name Change

If you have tried to change your Facebook page and your request is denied, then you probably need to do it a little differently. You probably received the message quoted below from Facebook. You now need to Appeal their denial to change your Facebook page name. We provide instructions on how to submit an Appeal Request and get your Facebook page name request approved. Just click the “Get Started!” button above for the instructions.

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  1. I was able to get 1 change to change 1 word, of the 2 I need to change. Its been over a week, and it wont let me change it anymore, keeps saying “Your Page name can’t be changed.
    You can update your Page category and add other info to describe your Page so it is easier for people to find it.”

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